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About us

The Dayton Ski & Board Club offers a variety of activities beyond the typical winter sports of skiing and snowboarding. Whether your interests are social get-togethers, tennis, biking, rollerblading, or scenic tours of interesting places, DSBC has an activity that you are bound to enjoy. Please check out our listing of trips and activities and make plans to join us!

Everyone is Welcome!

Informal club meetings are held on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, starting at 7:00 pm. Apply for membership, sign up for trips and meet other members.  See the Events Calendar for dates and locations.



Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
Sporting Events


A special thanks to all of the members who volunteered their
valuable time this year.  You make a world of difference to us! 
Vicki Adams Carolyn R Delong Bruce R Laepple Herbert Schotz
Greg Atkinson Frances Duntz Harvey Lehrner Leslie Smith
Patricia Atkinson Patrick L Elliott Robert LeValley Corinne Smith
William F Bailer Stephen Fortson Douglas Loughman David J Smith
Martin Baldwin Craig Freeman Ellen Luken Kermit L Tackett
Richard Becker Dale Goubeaux James A Luken Brenda Thompson
Steve Blatt Nina Griffin James Marchal Becky Thornburg
Frank Brooks Daniel Hapner Dina Marchal Leo Torresani
Jeannie Brooks Colleen Hayes Louise Maurer Ken Whitfield
Karen Burns Ferd Hein, Jr. Shelley Montelius Joe Wittenauer
Mark Burns Lovell W Henderson Merilee Patak Dan Zaenglein
Karen Clute Heike Hudson Jeanne Philbrick Cathy Zaenglein
John Combs Bob Key Brenda Rasor Jeff Zaret
Pat Corelli Rick Kruse Joe Ritzel Eric Zeiher
Michael J Coyle Karen Lady

                                             2016 Ski Trips                                              

Whitefish, Montana
Jan 16-23, 2016
Park City, Utah
Feb 6-13, 2016
Alyeska, Alaska
Feb 27-Mar 5, 2016
Solden, Austria
Mar 11-19, 2016
Pre-trip to London
Mar 7-11
Post-trip cruise
to Greek Isles
Mar 19-27, 2016
Interested in leading one of these trips?   Click here to apply.

  Kickoff Picnic
   August 30, 2015

    3k/5k Remembrance Walk
    October 24, 2015
                                    Sponsored by Patty & Greg Atkinson

       Dragon's vs. Ft Wayne
             July 18, 2015

Gatlinburg, Tennessee
September 25-28, 2015


 President's Blog

Attracting New Members
What have we done to attract new members?  We have gone to ski and outdoor sports venues and set up displays and talked with people who might be interested in skiing and our other activities.  A few that I have participated:  Midwest Outdoor Experience and the swap meets at Valleywood, Mad River Mountain, and Perfect North.  All of that effort might have gotten us one member, if that.  The volunteers gave up a good part of their days and drove hundreds of miles for these events.  It wasn't all that successful.  Lots of lookers but no buyers. click for more

Highlights of the OVSC Summit
There were many fun times at the OVSC Summit last week, but there was also some serious business discussed.  Declining ski club membership and participation is a topic that has perplexed all ski clubs, not only in our region, but across the country.  What, if anything, can be done to reverse the trend.  Your own ski club has been discussing this issue for more than two years.  Your Board of Directors has had many suggestions about how to market ourselves (spending money and resources) to attract new members.  Personally, I've been reluctant to spend our money if there is no proven benefit.  My main task at the OVSC Summit was to sit on sessions that addressed this issue.  There was one session that Karl Winter of Winter Ski and Sports talked about it.  Sadly, while he had a lot to say, he had, (in my opinion), no new or productive ideas.  The club presidents met the following day and discussed this again,  I did gain some insight as to what other clubs have tried (and mostly failed at).  click for more
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